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Questions? Call 1.800.700.8321
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UDA Estimating Templates

UDA Excel Estimating Templates

UDA Estimating Templates are fully editable spreadsheet templates for Microsoft Excel that can easily be customized to meet your specific project. Additionally, by not limiting the number of times a UDA Estimating Template can be used or printed, these templates can grow and change with your business for years to come, providing the essential components neccessary for successful project management.

  • Understandable Layouts
  • Over 1,000 preprogrammed categories
  • Estimates can be calculated using Category Allowances or per unit cost data
  • Comprehensive Budgets and Allowances
  • Abbreviated Project Totals page for Clients or Bankers
  • Ideal for Estimating from Final Plans and Materials Lists

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    Top ReasonsStep 1. Purchase and Download Immediately

    Get started today by downloading Construction Estimating Templates immediately.

    Top ReasonsStep 2. Open in Microsoft Excel or other Spreadsheet Application

    Open in Microsoft Excel or your favorite spreadsheet application. No new programs to learn.

    Top ReasonsStep 3. Customize and Save your Estimate

    Customize your Estimate, enter multipliers, costs, budgets and allowances, save and print.